About Us...


Southern City Girl was founded by Zahirah in the summer of 2017, after realizing her love for watermelon was obsessive. The name was a play on words based on Zahirah's personality and interest. The self proclaimed Southern City Girl was born and raise in NJ by her grandparents and great grandmothers who all migrated up north from the south (Georgia and the Carolinas to be exact). This caused Zahirah to have her very own accent, it's city with a southern twist.

Growing up Zahirah wasn't your average child, she love watching National Geographic and cooking shows with her late great grandmother. It was that same great grandmother, Virgie who taught Zahirah how to cook, and gave her full reigns in the kitchen. Little did Ms. Virgie know she gave Zahirah a new meaning to life. Cooking became everything to Zahirah, it was therapeutic, educational, a way to express creativity, and sometimes a source of income.

By 2017, Zahirah started noticing her love for cooking was catching her peers attention. When posting her food on social media she began to notice people always commenting and asking for her recipes or simply a plate. That's when a light went off, why not make a blog to share her recipes but grow a following at the same time. Zahirah always had niche for business so she saw an opportunity and took it.

Since 2017 Southern City Girl has been trademarked making the name legally ours. And on July 1st 2020 we launched our very own Seasoning line turning our business retail.

Zahirah still work tirelessly to make Southern City Girl a household name and she has no plans on stopping anytime soon!