Flavorful Pot Roast Under 30 minutes

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I wanted to come and show you all how to make a pot roast in 30 minutes. This roast was extremely tender juicy and flavorful I hope you enjoy.



 Now let's get started...



2-3 pound roast (chuck, brisket, ect)

2-3 tablespoon Garden Garlic Onion + Herbs*

2-3 tablespoon No Salt Seasoning Salt*

2-3 tablespoon Salt + Black Pepper*

3 tablespoon garlic chopped

½  cup onion chopped

½ cup bell pepper chopped

½ cup carrots chopped

¼ celery chopped

6 small potatoes peeled and chopped

⅓ cup flour optional 


1. Start with clean meat. I soak mine in vinegar or lemon juice for 1 hour, this helps remove excess blood. Season meat with all of the Southern City Girl® seasonings*. You would want to use a lot of seasoning because it will make gravy and flavoring the vegetables . (If you want a thicker gravy combine seasoning with flour, then coat meat with the dry mixture).

2. Preheat pressure cooker on meat/stew setting with high pressure. Add in seasoned meat, vegetables, and stir to evenly distribute the ingredients. No water is necessary because the roast and vegetables will product their own liquid. Place lid securely on pressure cooker and cook or 35 minutes.

3. Once cooking has finished follow the directions on your pressure cooker and release the pressurized steam. Let the roast sit for 10-20 minutes before serving to allow food to cool and marinate.

4. Serve and enjoy.


Download recipe card here:

Step by step tutorial:


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